Advisory Board

The mission of the St. Johns County Library Advisory Board is to advise the Board of County Commissioners in the establishment, operation, and maintenance of a free public library system, which will provide organized access to meet educational, informational, recreational, and cultural needs of the general public.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the St. Johns County Library Advisory Board will hold monthly meetings at 9 a.m. on the second Wednesday of every month at various branch locations as noted below:

August 14, 2024: Main Branch
September 11, 2024: Hastings Branch
October 9, 2024: Anastasia Island Branch
November 13, 2024: Bartram Trail Branch
December 11, 2024: Southeast Branch

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss library issues and any other business of the advisory board. Agendas for the monthly meetings are located at Should the monthly meeting date or time need to be changed, a separate notice will be posted on the St. Johns County calendar located at containing the updated information.

If a person decides to appeal any decision made with respect to any matter considered at the meeting he/she will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purpose he/she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

NOTICE TO PERSONS NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS AND TO ALL HEARING IMPAIRED PERSONS: In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing a special accommodation to participate in the proceedings should contact ADA Coordinator, at (904) 209-0650 at the St. Johns County Administration Building, 500 San Sebastian View, St. Augustine, FL 32084. For hearing impaired individuals: Florida Relay Service: 1-800-955-8770, no later than 5 days prior to the date of the meeting.

Library Advisory Board Members:

Michael MacnamaraMichael Macnamara
District#: 2
Appt date: 2/20/18
Exp. date: 9/30/25
Melvin LongoMelvin Longo
District #: 5
Appt date: 6/21/16
Exp. date: 10/18/26
John CellucciJohn Cellucci
District#: 4
Appt date: 11/3/20
Exp. date: 9/30/24
Catherine St. JeanCatherine St. Jean
District#: 3
Appt date: 6/21/16
Exp. date: 9/30/24
Jessica HayesJessica Hayes
District#: At Large

Appt date: 4/20/21
Exp date: 9/30/25
Nathan AndrewsNicholas Andrews
District #: 1
Appt date: 10/18/22
Exp. date: 10/18/26
Eric SarrettEric Sarrett
District #: At Large
Appt date: 5/16/23
Exp. date: 9/30/25

In memory of Dr. Patricia “Pat” Laurencelle, Library Advisory Board Emeritus member and SJCPLS advocate.
Dr. Pat Laurencelle was a long-standing member of the Library Advisory Board, including holding the Chair position and working closely with the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners during the LAB’s re-organization in the 1980s. Dr. Laurencelle was appointed an Emeritus member of the LAB in 2012 by the BCC in recognition of her contributions, advocacy, and dedication to our libraries. In 2015, she received the Northeast Florida Library Information Network’s Library Champion Award for her steadfast support of SJCPLS.

Those who knew Dr. Laurencelle often referred to her as the “historian” for SJCPLS. She would attend every LAB meeting even when she was no longer on the board. She was known for her frank demeanor and sharp wit and was never shy about voicing her opinions. Her institutional knowledge, years of experience, enthusiasm for new service methods and technologies, wisdom, and passionate spirit will truly be missed.

2024 Meeting Packets

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Please contact Library Administration at (904) 827-6925 for older archived LAB packets.

View the LAB Bylaws.

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