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Purchase Recommendation Instructions and Help

  • Please check the catalog to be sure we don’t own the title before you request it.
  • The library purchases most bestsellers and has a “standing order” list of authors whose new titles are almost always purchased. See the Favorite Authors list. New titles are typically cataloged approximately three months ahead of publication. Please check the catalog closer to the release date to place your hold.
  • Please note that while we take all requests into consideration, we must work within our Budget and Collection Development Policy criteria. Please limit requests to no more than four per month.
  • Suggestions for materials will be considered one month prior to release date, or for items already released.
  • For print titles over a year old, an Interlibrary Loan Request is often a better option.
  • For a full overview of the materials and resources we collect, view our Collection Development Policy and Plan.

Please fill out the request for each item requested. If you need any assistance with the request form, please contact your local branch.

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