Letter from the Library Director:

Lifelong Learning @ Your Library

As September rolls around, we’re switching our gardens and home décor in anticipation of fall and exchanging our summer wardrobes for a few more layers and shoes. A telltale sign of fall: school is back in session. My grandchildren look forward to seeing their friends each day and, yes, even learning a few new things!

As children, we learn about specific subjects in a guided and structured classroom environment. As we age, we narrow our learning to specific areas of interest; we seek to understand more about a job, family life, and leisure-time interests.

Adult learners are lifelong learners. Lifelong learning is self-initiated, focused on personal development to build skills beyond the formal education we’ve received. It is voluntary and self-motivated. We know our interests, set goals, and look for resources to learn more. As lifelong learners, we join groups with similar interests to share skills and knowledge and get involved.

Understanding your learning style is important. Some people are visual learners, while others learn by listening or reading. Many of us learn best with hands-on experience. While each of us has a learning preference, we often absorb knowledge through multiple styles. Many options are available to us for learning today, and there is no better time to explore those options than Library Card Sign-up Month.

This September, the St. Johns County Public Library System joins with public libraries nationwide to ensure all residents have the smartest card around — a free library card. A library card is your ticket to free educational resources and activities that unite families and friends. Libraries provide resources to parents, guardians, and children that support early literacy and lifelong learning and truly transform how families spend time together.

Use your library card, your local librarian, and SJCPLS’ resources to create an educational plan for you and your family. Not quite sure where to start? Here are 52 ways to use your new SJCPLS library card!

We encourage new community members to come to their local library and get a new library card. With six library locations throughout St. Johns County and a roving bookmobile, you are sure to find a library nearby.

Debra Rhodes Gibson

Library System Director, St. Johns County Public Library System