While some teens spent their summer vacation relaxing, one young man used this time to connect seniors to technology. After identifying a need in St. Johns County, James Maynard planned and implemented a connected-learning project to provide user support sessions for older adults having trouble with their devices at the Anastasia Island Branch of the St. Johns County Public Library System.

James was just one of 50 high school juniors and seniors around the nation selected to take part in an Inclusive Internship Initiative (III). Sponsored by the Public Library Association, a division of the American Library Association, the paid internship offered individual guidance from a mentor while engaging with multiple facets of library life, from administration to programming, to user services.

After reflecting on his interests, James decided he wanted his project outcome to increase access to technology for seniors at the public library. It has already had an immediate benefit to the library and our community. James held one-on-one technology support sessions for older adults who have brought in laptops, tablets, and cell phones. He also helped seniors to gain confidence and increased their awareness of library resources and services.

“I have enjoyed learning more about librarianship and the many ways librarians and library workers change lives in our community every day. Working with seniors has been a wonderful way to put what I’ve learned into practice. I know I’ve grown as a person through this internship!” said James.

The Anastasia Island Branch library will continue the one-on-one technology sessions from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. by appointment through September 17.  For additional details about the sessions, internship, or the library, please contact Branch Manager Heather Sostrom at hsostrom@sjcfl.us or 904-209-3731.

St. Johns County Public Library System