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What is READsquared?

READsquared is the library’s online Summer Reading program! You can participate through the link on our website HERE or by downloading the free app from your device’s app store.

How can I win prizes?

The easiest way you can earn points is by reading everyday! You can earn points by attending virtual or in-person events, writing book reviews, and completing fun challenge missions. Points get you badges, avatar accessories, and new games (within READsquared) to play!

What if I don't want to participate online?

No problem! We have paper logs available at your closest branch library. You can return them to us and we will add your entries into READsquared for you.

Do I need a family or individual account in READsquared?

It’s your choice! If you want to just set up one account for your whole family (or even class) and register each member under you, you have the ability to do so. If you want just an individual account, that’s okay too.

What are Secret Codes?

Secret Codes are the codes provided during some of our online or in-person events. You can log your attendance and get points in READsquared!

I need help!

We’re here to make Summer Reading easy for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff at your closest branch library or through our Ask a Librarian online desk.

The Best Summer at Your Library 2021


The Best Summer and READsquared are proudly sponsored by the library’s Friends of the Library groups.